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A natural conversation is really useful

Sports Wales were developing their strategic plan and were undertaking a consultation exercise. 

The Problem?
The ‘usual suspects’ from their networks turned up to the arranged meeting's. However, one element was about increasing the physical activity of ‘the general public’. 

They knew, which groups of people didn’t get involved in sports from the research and their participation survey. However, they didn’t know how to get in touch with people who didn’t do sports. 

Our Solution!
Our solution came in 2 parts:
1) We developed a TIG with them. This is a list of characteristics of people you want to talk to - in this case people who don’t do sports. 
We looked for people who we thought would be the most difficult to find first. After we had contacted about 30 people we had covered all the characteristics.

2) We trained a number of people on how to do a CSC with these people. 
We used the notes from these conversations to answer the questions that Sports Wales had in their consultation AND added information that they had not asked about.
We wrote a report in technical language, that Sports Wales would understand, but kept the ‘authentic voice’ of the people who had been involved there too.

The Results! 
Sports Wales were happy to have new views to include in their strategic plan.
We we're glad that ordinary people had an opportunity to say things that are really helpful for a big public organisation. 
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Two people having a natural conversation in a coffee shop
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