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Barod Community Interest Company is a new and innovative training and information company. 
Our owners and work force are an equal mix of disabled and non disabled people.
We specialise in bridging the gap between public and private sector 
organisations and the people they need to be talking and listening to. 
We grew out of the People first movement within Wales.
We have worked on 1000+ projects since 2010
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TiG is a new approach to sampling. It gets beyond the “usual suspects”, and gives you a more diverse range of views. TiG can be used in consultations, co-design and social research.

Contact Bryan at for more information.

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We have led and presented at a number of high profile conferences. We try to make everything as inclusive as we can. We have been working hard to constantly develop, innovate ways to make the workshops, conferences more inclusive to all people and communities.


We have an exceptional team of experienced trainers. We offer a wide range of business related training such as, Co-Production, Inclusive organisation, Involving people and many more! We run session face to face or on-line and have one rule - it must be fun!

Accessible Information

Making sure that people inside and outside your organisation have easy access to information is essential. It must be easy to find and easy to understand.

At Barod we have developed, many ways to help you make sure people from all walks of life, find and understand the information they need.


Barod has developed many new and innovative ways of doing inclusive research and ways to work with communities that can be hard to reach. We have a team of co-researchers that can review publications, produce easy-read summaries of papers and work with you to make your findings more accessible. Barod will always aid into the field of research on any topic that has been requested us to look into. If its and easy read, to papers on how to improve the awareness of  learning disabilities and the world of work! Barod will confidently do it!


Recent Projects

We often work with amazing organisations on some intresting projects, here are a few of our most recent ones;
Who we have worked with

People we have worked with

Here at barod, we work with many amazing organisations Like;

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